Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sat 30 Oct 2010 07:38
36:08.9N 05:21.3W
Left for Gibraltar at 8:50, no westerly gale as one of the forecasts promised, chilly but fine.  The rock looms in front of us.  John took the boat out of a tight space very well - Phoebe B is a wide girl!
The trip down was uneventful - no wind, main interest was we had calculated we had just enough fuel so had to keep an eye on that.  In the end had plenty as had half a knot of current with us.
Barry had the most eventful watch, look up to see 15 squid fishing boats in front, all moving around in random directions with huge bright lights on them to attract the fish.  On top of that a helicopter was checking them with a bright strobe light.  His next observation was a completely unlit boat on our port side, which once the helicoptor had gone, miraculously found its lights button again.  He had just settled down and Phoebe B thought she would get her own back and switched of the autopilot, causing the boat to slew round!  The rest of the nights watches were completely uneventful!
As Duquessa is Barrys home town, he guided us towards a fabulous fish restaurant and Phoebe B's crew enjoyed a final night out together - great food and  beautiful location.