Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sat 6 Nov 2010 12:36
 34:55.3N  007:26.3W
We have left Gibraltar, Hurrah! there are only so many cheap cigs booze and jewellery shops you can look in, however going up the rock was fantastic and seeing the apes was fascinating.Hiring mopeds was great fun and we saw every part of the rock many times! We are now on Phoebe B with our new skipper Dan ,and Tony has also joined us. We had a lively sail through the straits of Gibraltar and The Queen Elizabeth followed us out [ the new cruise liner, which we also saw on her inaugral sail in Southampton water] We sailed along the coast of Africa [Morocco] averaging about 8 knots.I shall leave Tony to tell you what we saw en-route, but for now This is sue signing off, I need to help cook the bacon butties!
Difficult to write with the bacon butty smell so enticing! But still clear in the mind are the flying fish, turtle, dolphins and 35-37 kts gusts. Not bad for the first day out, And there can be few things to compare with the stars in a totally clear sky with no lights for miles. Apart from that bacon butty of course - must go, mine's ready! Tony,
At rest in Gib
Leaving Gib behind