28:07:66N 15:25:49W

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sun 14 Nov 2010 15:13
Thanks to a prompt start and favourable tides we arrived Las Palms marina at 09:15 yesterday. The site of the hundreds of yachts of the ARC was amazing, all shapes and sizes, all colours and with crews almost as mixed and motly as ours!
We registered with the ARC organisers and recieved the Welcome Pack wirh details of the week's activities. We are yacht 123, apparently same as last year. Seems that all boats will be visible on www.yellowbrick.com  as well as this somewhat irregular blog - irregular due to internet connection, not enthusiasm.
There will be some very useful presentations on things like provisioning, weather, safety, etc, and all cunningly timesd to occur in between the Happy Hour's and social events. In fact, the official welcome party last night was an interesting mix of local culture (Spanish latin-american drumming band) and high camp (a guy in 18" platform shoes, a pair of white bird wings and a sparkling, silver thong). And that was the first night!
Today, all along the marina, were artists in a speed-painting competition. Fascinating to see so many different interpretations of boats on the water.
And now, a little snooze to prepare for this evenings Reception and another Happy Hours (or two).