Hunter Gatherers.......

Mike Dunning
Fri 9 Dec 2011 10:29
We have been fishing for a few days now and getting quite despondent as to our lack of success. Well today  - i had just settled into my berth for a short nap following a fine luncheon of Serrano ham and fresh baked bread when both our lures were hit and the reels did scream. Demonstrating the vitality of a much much younger man i vaulted my lee cloth and was topside to take the rod in milliseconds. Jeff lost his (questionable skills?) but i managed to land a super 6 lb Dorado on the new rod and reel (quality gaffing by Nige) which was despatched and filleted for supper.
Jan excelled with a carrot and pea risotto and 4 large fillets of pan seared Dorado (a brief silence for the fine fishy) –  excellent. We are bordering on self sufficiency at sea which makes us all feel very good.