Standards are slipping.....

Mike Dunning
Tue 13 Dec 2011 10:26
This morning at 6am Nige woke me groggy for my watch and it wasn’t until the day had well fully that i realised i was helming the boat in my underwear! Its been a slow day – Mike can now play Good King Wenceslas on his Harmonica – the crew don’t seem overly impressed. 
Such is life aboard – time compresses in strange ways. Its fascinating how 10 minutes can seem like an age but a whole day pass in an instant.  
We are sailing fast now pushed on by strong Force 7 winds  and a big following sea – we sit and watch the huge swells – some as high as 20 feet for hours. We would like the wind to drop just a tad – and the we will be able to put out more sail and perhaps go even faster but we will sea if the weather gods oblige in a day or two.
Otherwise we are all pretty well. Nige’s back is playing up and he smashed his toe into a bulkhead the other night – it looks very sore and he is on anti-inflammatory pills. Food supplies are dwindling and we become ever more creative with what’s left – there is plenty to see us through but might be tins/ready meals as the fresh stuff we took on in Canaries is all but finished. Its too dangerous to fish while the boat is rocking and rolling so much sadly.