The Ascent

Mike Dunning
Wed 7 Dec 2011 22:21
Boy every day is different. Today we had wind and were sailing again approx 6-7 knots which is pleasing. The boat has become a home - we move around easier on deck and below and sail changes are more routine and quicker. There is more big weather ahead maybe over next weekend which will give us a further push. We have turned the corner on the 20th parallel and really are heading to the Caribbean now.
A troubling screech from mast head forced a bearded Jeff aka mountain man (anxious to take some video footage topside of the boat) volunteered to go up the mast. We all waved to him in a what - a - nutter sort of way from the deck when he was perched 50 feet above Atlantic taking video of us. Importantly he also fixed the screech and arrived on deck safely.