Exit the low pressure

Mike Dunning
Sat 17 Dec 2011 11:00
Today we finally crossed the low pressure system we entered 2 days ago and we find fair winds again. Its been a frustrating period but i think we are clear and heading for Antigua again in 15 – 20 knot NW making around 6.5 knots. All being well and if this keeps up we hope to arrive sometime Monday or early Tuesday but i would not be surprised if there is another weather trick or two before we make land.
The boat has been fantastic although there are a few small electrical niggles and one or two leaks !
As to the health of the crew – well i think we have all lost some weight i for one am feeling great but perhaps i had a little more to loose than the others Smile –  we are quite tanned, Jeff’s beard is now epic – i told him it suited him but he says its coming straight off when we land (his non-tanned jawline will make a good Santa impression come Xmas).
We are all looking forward to seeing family again and perhaps a cold beer and then a steak and chips – in that order!