Last stretch

Mike Dunning
Wed 14 Dec 2011 23:38
Well into our third week at sea and the past 5 days of rough weather have left us all feeling the strain a bit. Spirits generally high but there is a lot of staring out across the ocean and i suspect thinking about the end of the trip. We made a course change today and for the first time are on a beam reach under full genoa – Geronimo loves this point of sail and bounds away like an Apache stallion. The upside of our discomfort these past days means we have made great progress so far and when this is sent tomorrow morning we will have around 500 miles to go and an ETA of sometime early Monday morning (20 day crossing).
Jeff made Virgin Mary’s with some tomato juice we found + we also found a stash of fresh orange juice we had forgotten about !!

Its pretty hot on board  especially down below – cooking is tantamount to taking a sauna and we are sleeping on top of sheets – upstairs there is a nice cool breeze in evening and we often take a “sea shower” sitting at the back of the boat with a bucket and then a fresh water douche from the deck shower....feel fantastic and really alive afterwards. Fishing has been difficult given the pitching of the boat these past 5 days but hope to catch some more Dorado or Tuna in coming days to supplement our diet of serrano ham, wraps, dried fruit, porridge, a selection of nuts and marmite. We have all lost weight and skippers 6 pack now well defined.