Electrical problems

Mike Dunning
Sun 11 Dec 2011 10:06
The day dawned with a whole scale instrument shutdown due to low batteries. Looks like we have got a little complacent about our power usage and this served as a timely reminder. We think that the radar is the main culprit - we have been using it a a lot lately to track the intense squalls (particularly difficult to spot at night without radar). So judicious use of our main guzzlers (fridge, radar and water maker) is order of the day and the future.
Otherwise the wind and high seas are back and we struggle with our sleep again as the boat motion is particularly violent. On the positive we will knock off close to 600 miles in 4 days at this rate and then its definitely the final leg. We are trying to keep some north in our track as we would like to reach down to the Leeward islands rather than run up to them – well that’s the plan anyway – always a moment of intense debate between me and the ever-so-reliant and excellent Jan when we receive our weather in the morning via satellite. 
Jeff and Nige are great – way out of their comfort zone but still able to carry single watches and crack a joke at 2 am. What a great crew – very thankful for the character of these chaps.
Today MBD celebrates his 50th B’day and apart from not being with his gorgeous missus – he cant really think of a more dramatic and appropriate way to spend it..
Speak Monday.