Never a dull moment

Mike Dunning
Sat 10 Dec 2011 11:00
As expected the wind has picked up again and we are rattling along in 20 knots. Early morning sail plan discussions resulted in us flying the Genecker (Nige calls it Genny now – its silky folds are stowed in the forepeak cabin with him each night! – all very worrying). This proved to be fateful decision when later in the day we had to strike it due to rising winds only to leave the starboard sheet in the water while the engine was running. Inevitably the sheet wound itself round the prop a few times and we ground to a halt. So skipper hopped into the drink with knife and was able to cut it free with a few dives under the hull (all quite scary in 12,000 feet of water – you cant help imagining that big Tiger shark following us!). Exhausting but we got it done and carry on .....