The squall

Mike Dunning
Tue 6 Dec 2011 09:31
Spoke too soon – the words were out and the wind has died on us. So yesterday we spent the morning cavorting around on deck with various headsail combinations including flying the genicker desperate to coax an extra knot or two. Then looming on the horizon, and reflected on the radar, our first Atlantic squall! With mounting excitement we popped Jeff on the helm and scurried below to peep out at him enduring 40 knot blast of wind and rain – impressive in its fury but only lasing 10 mins. We are now motoring in a flat sea trying to get further south and find those Trades – this is a big play as we will use most of the fuel leaving only the 90 litres in spare jerry cans......
Ps. Mike cooked a fantastic chorizo and pumpkin gumbo garnished with lemon zest (my that man can cook).