Daily Blog

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Wed 3 Nov 2010 19:15
Nothing to report in today`s blog, I say nothing to report as, there have been no whales, dolphins, flying fish, UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects) or ships that pass in the night, also no detected damage over the last 24 hrs, these are the events which normally mark the passage of a day at sea.  This watery desert we find ourselves in 900 sea miles from Hamton  Viginia and 1400 miles from the Azores is allowing us a respite, a chance to sleep and catch up any admin that was impossible to do heeled over at 35 degrees. 
As I write Ian has just come below from above deck remarking to “ too hot on deck” looking for shade.  This prompts me to glance at the GPS and notice we are at the same latitude as that other desert the  Northern Sahara.   Soon we will be turning more Northerly, heading home eager to get Serica to her new home in Plymouth, not to eager though to put the shorts away, and pull on the layers of clothing to stave off the cold.
Looking at the chart I can see that we are very close to the spot where earlier this year whilst delivering a yacht from UK to Hampton, we had a near miss one night with a large ship, only by prompt action within 80 yards of his bow did we avoid being run down.  So although nothing to report today, but the watch system continues “make and mend” the catch phrase for today.