Photograph of Serica

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Mon 25 Oct 2010 12:27
Been having a very busy couple of days, it feels like we’ve taken Serica apart and put her back together again. I rewired all the lights on Serica yesterday, while Bog finished wiring the engine and domestic batteries. All seems to be working fine, just waiting for the alternator to arrive.
Serica is now half stocked with food, Bob was happy for me to put the menu together. We’ve got a five day menu which we’ll rotate until we reach the Azores. We’ll have a beef day, Chicken day, spam day, ravioli and corn beef hash day’s. Lunch and breakfast will be a mixture of toast, cereals  with pasta and sandwiches for lunch. For those hungry times in between and long night watches, we’ve got fruit, biscuits and several large bags of chocolate. There’s no alcohol on board, drinks are down to tea, coffee and water. Going to buy all the fresh today and 80 litres of fresh mineral water.