Looking for good weather

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Mon 1 Nov 2010 11:25
35’09.77N, 063’41.73W/
Thought we were heading for some light winds as we head east, but the depression off Florida decided to expand and chase through the night, the last 36 hrs have been particularly bumpy in a SW 6/7. Had to put in two gibes last night as the wind shifted about. As there is only one of us on watch at night, the question is do you dig your mate out of bed? Serica is easy to gibe in light winds, but in large seas and strong winds can be a bit of a handful as the deck gear is as old as Serica is. So far we’ve managed it by ourselves, with a good bit of cursing going on!
Despite the weather, moral is good, Bob continues in his mission to fix anything that breaks. The auto pilot has broken twice now, only for Bob to come up with Mk 3 fix, got Mk 4 on standby just in case. The Chef was on form last night with fresh chicken and pasta, with fruit for afters. The ice in the fridge has almost completely gone, which means we must eat all the fresh food within the next two days before it goes off and over the side.
We had a minor panic for the last three days, we have 42 tins of food on board for the next three weeks and NO tin opener! Bought all the food, but forgot to check whether Serica had a tin opener on board. Luckily for us, Bob found a old leatherman  in one of the bilges yesterday which should do the trick (basics!).