Routine sets in

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Sun 31 Oct 2010 15:20
36’44.04N, 066’02.07W
After some heavy weather over the last couple of days, routine is slowly settling. We had our first hot food last night as the weather eased off. Chilli and pasta was the best we could muster in the circumstances, with granola bar for afters.
The weather seems to be developing a pattern of easing just before last light, only to build into either a SW or NW force 6 gusting 7.The winds aren't the issue, it’s the sea state that is created, with Serica only 26 foot at the water line, the swell and breaking water spin her around, making the auto pilot work very hard.
We’re hoping by saying south, then we should avoid most of the nasty weather that is developing in the N, which is currently tracking East towards UK.
We saw our first sighting of another yacht (60ft) last night, they were heading to Antigua via Bermuda, close enough to give each other a wave before sailing our separate ways.