Auto Pilot Named

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Mon 1 Nov 2010 20:13
35’20.93N, 062’47.02W
The weather has certainly turned for the better, winds have dropped considerably, just waiting for the swell to ease. Looks like a high pressure is now building to our west, which will catch up with us in the next couple of days, this will probably mean no winds and calm seas. Likely to have to motor for a bit.
Today has all been about drying the boat out after the last couple of days. We didn’t manage to fix the heads before we left Hampton, so its been a bucket and chuck it over the side (all number 2’s have to be done on deck!), so going to toilet should become easier, still need to check the wind direction before chucking!
We’ve been discussing what we should call our auto pilot today, she has come through the last couple of days with flying colours, with only a couple of minor tantrums. We thought it had to be female, strong and athletic and bags of endurance, and a strong personality with the ability to fight back. The auto pilot was officially named ‘Nicola’ today.