Arrived Horta 180830

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Thu 18 Nov 2010 18:55
Position: 38’31.9N, 028’37.5W
Finally battled through our last storm to arrive in Horta this morning at 0830 local. Having stepped on land for the first time in 22 days, Bob and I are swaying towards Peter Cafe Sport, a famous watering hole for sailors around the world. We’ll probably be beer swaying on our return! Some picture from the passage;
m_looks small from here
A picture of Serica from the top of her mast, final check prior to departure (looks small from here).
m_Bob Helm
Bob on the helm on a rare sunny day.
Our fridge, Ice didn’t last long.
Sun set
m_sunset 1
Another sunset
Ian on the Helm after both Nicola and our spare auto helm failed.
Bob in full immersion suit (note, this was the only place I could stand up straight on the boat).
Rare sighting of Dolphins.
m_pop corn challenge
Popcorn challenge, Bob won Mater Chef, but couldn’t beat my popcorn!
Land! Our first sighting of land in 22 days, Horta emerged out of the thick rain clouds.
m_Horta Finally
Horta and dry land, Serica looking rather small!
Bob and I are resting for a few days in Horta before continuing the journey, watch this space.