Clocks Changed

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Wed 10 Nov 2010 15:11
Position: 39’57.30N, 044’23.87W
“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of  the shore.”  Andre Gide
We adjusted our ship’s clock to UK time last night, I think it gave Bob a bit of a shock when I woke him up this morning for his watch and it was still dark! We’d grown accustom to US Eastern seaboard time, it seem to put the sunrise and sunsets at the right time of day, 0600 sunrise, 1700 sunset. The timings set a nice rhythm for the day, with the night watch starting at 2000 in darkness, finishing 0800 in daylight. But due to the increased number of hours in darkness the further east we sail, time has caught us up, and force us to realign with European timings. For now, night watch will start in daylight and finish in darkness, by the time we reach the Azores, both will be in darkness!
Serica is finally on a direct course for the Azores, the miles under the keel are now counting towards our destination. Just checked the GPS, just over 700 miles to go to Horta! The weather patterns look like they might develop in our favour, with this current SE slowly moving round to the south and west, which might leave Serica open to move  back onto her favourite tack and back to trade wind sailing (possible easing of the power setting on the bucking bronco!).