Rainy Day

Bob Beggs/Ian Rivers
Tue 26 Oct 2010 12:29
Position  37:01.24N 76:20.65W
We’ve had sunshine for the past four days, which have been particularly warm for this time of year, probably the same as an hot English summers day. That was abruptly brought to a hold yesterday with heavy rain and thunder, luckily most of the deck jobs had been finished. The rain had highlighted some minor leaks on deck which I’ll sort today, just a matter of putting some sealant on various fixings.
Hopefully the alternator should arrive today, with a bit of luck. Once it’s fitted, conduct a few power checks,  we should be ready to leave. We’ve delayed our departure time by 36 hrs, so we don’t rush the final checks, but with luck we should have left Hampton by am on Wednesday.
Bob gave a talk at the Hampton Yacht club last night about his sailing adventures, solo trans Atlantic races and the winning skipper of Yacht Bristol, Times Clipper round the world race in 2000. That was the trade off for Serica’s  free berth for the past couple of months.