Day 5 position 38:03.89N 009:22.66W

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Wed 18 Sep 2019 14:50
Dear All
Slow but steady progress - unfortunately all under motor! The days run was 146 miles which gives us an ETA Portimao of 4am tomorrow, Thursday. The breeze did not set in at all during yesterday afternoon and so we motored at an economic 1500 revs which produced a steady 6.5 knot speed through the glassy Atlantic fetch. Pasta carbora was our 6pm super and Peter took the second watch from 10pm -2am - Fog and more fog. Radar and AIS were very helpful and essential. Dawn saw us cross the estuary of Rio Tejo to Lisbon - and for the first time in 600 miles the echo sounder found bottom at 110 metres. As we ate our luxurious breakfast of scrambled eggs royale and fresh coffee we were surveyed from afar by a waiting Portuguese coastal patrol vessel.....
We felt certain to be boarded??
Peter and David