Day 3 Position 23:29.55N 19:47.21W Spodge cake is the new currency

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Wed 27 Nov 2019 12:47
Following the drama of Monday, Tuesday afternoon was very quiet. After a luncheon of chicken Caesar salad the sun was at full strength and it was Floppy hat time! Peter and Jan played UNO and whilst it is still early days a winning trend was established...(?) and to be defended in future fixtures!

All the crew sported new wide brim full sun protection hats. Whilst we looked rather eccentric, at least we were being sensible (a first for some!)

The wind was very fickle and many different sail configurations were again tried out - which kept all of us very busy. Occasionally we accelerated to 8-9 knots - but most of the afternoon was spent at 5 knots.

Late afternoon saw us gybe to the west and we settled the boat for her evening routine. Unfortunately we also hit a wind hole again and Gwenhyfar stopped in irons and wallowed in the glassy sea. At 1800hrs we were overtaken by a Catamaran called Hera who was motoring at 2.5 knots - Because we are in the Racing division we are disqualified if we use our engine....

We had a sundowner of Tonic waters and Fanta's before being treated to an excellent evening supper prepared by Tim - the menu Spagetti Prawn zuchini. Very light winds puffed us through the night. Lots of yachts were spotted as we were all bunched up in the wind holes.

Morning coffee accompanied by Ange's excellent millionaire cake (aka chocolate splodge cake). This is the new currency on board Gwenhyfar and all tasks and favours are now accounted for in the highest currency of Spodge cake units - then Brownies - and Shortbread. The tins are locked into stores at night by the purser.



Days Run 129 miles