Day 2 Position 30:44.30N 012:33.17W off Agadir

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Wed 30 Oct 2019 12:21
The morning breeze proved very elusive as we sailed close to a High pressure ridge. The headsail kept us steady -  we still had to motor but now at an economic 1600 revs - so that we could preserve fuel.
Afternoon work parties set too with sundry ships tasks - including stenciling ships name onto Horseshoe buoys. Testing the fishing gear - Thank you Mik!
We saw 3 ships. (Busy!) Peter cooked a splendid banquet for lunch - only to be surpassed by cordon bleu chef Davido, who prepared  Atlantic salmon steaks, green beans, peas and Portuguese potatoes.
 At Dawn we put up the mainsail and killed the engine. The gentle 8 knot breeze was wafting us along at a conservative 4 knots... Mizzen (funny sail) rigged - gave an extra 0.5 knots. Then to complete the set, and to have one sail each, we set the mizzen staysail... now tracking along at 5 knots as the breeze builds. The sail plan has also significantly reduced roll and we are progressing south with an nice comfortable and easy motion. We shall shortly need to gybe to maintain our bearing to waypoint 228' which is now 214 miles away.
All good on the happy ship!