Day 2 Position 47:18.84N 06:09.02W

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Sun 15 Sep 2019 14:43
Dear All,
Noon Saturday to Noon today Sunday 15th September was a total distance sailed of 136 nms - our position is mid Biscay just 25 miles east of our rhumb line. Yesterday was a fine afternoon - clear skies - lots of sunshine. Best sail configuration was jib, main mizzen and mizzen staysail - which provided a very comfortable motion. Funny sail was a breeze to get up - and made us laugh. Computer and Iridium seem to be fine - and are doing what is required. The routing software is more awkward and less user friendly - but we're getting there..
Supper was salmon en-croute with peas beans and gratin potatoes. I was first watch and saw a splendid contemporaneous sun set in west and moonrise in east. David was middle watch. The only encounter was with S/Y Kobel at 5am who sailed across our bow. We think she's heading south with us?
Slightly behind our targets (due to light winds) but very comfortable sailing. Weather is still sunny with a 15-18 knot NNE wind.
Best to All
Peter & David