Day 4 Position 40:39.03N 009:27.36W

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Tue 17 Sep 2019 14:48
Dear All,
Sorry about yesterdays communications cock-up - you will have received yesterdays bulletin late (10.30 this morning). Anyway - where were we ... are yes, just rounding Cabo Finisterre with mist clearing....
What a splendid fast and flat water sail we had yesterday afternoon helped along by the acceleration zone from the top corner of Spain. The strong breeze on the port stern quarter carried us with speed and purpose past the beautiful coastal scenery of Cabo Finisterre - a bit like Scotland - very wild and majestic. It was an afternoon to remember.
David seems to have "fixed" the alarm problem. (Thank you for the telephone advice from Nigel and Daniel). An added bonus, he found an errant cloth in the mainsail sheet housing under the table - which we managed to fish out with our new grabber tool! That will have saved a future problem.
Indian takeaway at 6pm. (Meal for 4 - our guests didn't arrive... so we ate all of it.) Someone switched off the wind and all around became eerily calm. I had the early evening watch and was treated to dolphin acrobatics as the sun set over the glassy sea. They were 6-8 feet long and were as interested in us as we them.
The night was long and damp with heavy dews and early morning fog which persisted until 11 am. Soup and freshly baked ciabatta rolls for lunch... best go, the table is waiting!
Regards to Everyone
Peter & David