Day 4 Position 20:59.78N 19:52.61W Dolphin show

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Thu 28 Nov 2019 13:47
Weather forecasts have proved unreliable and the winds have continued to be very light. We have spent the last 24 hours seeking wind and have generally headed south towards the Cape Verde Islands to find the NE Trades. Unusually we have seen lots of other yachts as we have all crossed each others tracks in our downwind gybes.

Lunch was a magnificent mushroom risotto prepared by Jan (also of Scrambled egg fame). We have tea on deck at 1500 hrs and we do the team crossword. 1600 hrs saw us gybe south. With the light spinnaker set we were making 6 knots in 8 -10 knots of light breeze. Early supper of vegetable stir fry and we started to settle the boat for night watch - we decided to sail through the night with spinnaker set.

During the sunset we were treated to the drama of a dolphin show. Two large pods of maybe 50 or more dolphins were racing and jumping very high and with the occasional flip of their tails they were treating us to their acrobatic show! When it became dark their show became an underwater phosphor show. Interlaced barreling traces of phosphor showed electric green yellow and pink flashes of light. Their sparkling paths were lit like torpedo tracks as they disturbed and excited the prawns and squids. It was a dramatic display racing through the Ocean - all around Gwenhyfar.

Above Saturn and Jupiter were setting in the west as all the constellations returned with their own starlight show.

Thursday 0400 hrs saw us cross the track of the square rigger Fredrik Chopin. At 12 noon we gybed and headed west and hopefully to join the northerly promised breeze. Beautiful morning - all crew gelling well. No niggles - apart from the watch schedule........