Day 3 Position 43:04.27N 009:24.25W

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Mon 16 Sep 2019 14:46
Dear All,
Noon Sunday to noon today Monday 16th September was a total distance sailed of 148 nms - our position just north of Cabo Finisterre on the northwest tip of Spain. Yesterday was another fine afternoon - with clear skies - lots of sunshine. Best sail configuration was jib, main, and mizzen.
Supper was a gourmet fish pie (M&S) with peas and beans. David was first watch and I got the "full belly " snooze until my watch - which was  10pm to 2am and then 6am to 10am (easily the best watches) - but we rotate every day at noon, so tomorrow David will get the first sleep. Breakfast was a healthy choice of orange juice, coffee - then crushed avocado with lemon juice and black pepper and two poached eggs.
We had an engine alarm at 10.30 and David cleared the fuel filter (following telephone comments from Nigel and Daniel) - apparently the filters are electronically connected to the NMEA data system ....
Most of the morning was misty and seas were quite large - we kept a sharp lookout and had the radar on most of the time.  Lots of fishing boats. Finally the mist cleared and revealed Cabo Finisterre in all its glory - the tops in sunshine and the bottom a low sea mist curtain.
Best to All
Peter & David