Day 0 Position 34:34.83N 008:26.27W on passage to Las Palmas

Gwenhyfar's Travels
Mon 28 Oct 2019 12:05
Gwenhyfar's new crew arrived in Portimao on Saturday late afternoon 25th October- following a delayed Easyjet flight from Gatwick! Crew of 4 this time Peter, David, Joe and John. We unlocked Gwenhyfar made her ready and removed all her excellent covers that kept her protected from the sun and dust. Started all systems and stowed gear. The evening was spent at Don Barca an excellent al fresco fish restaurant - we ate a barbequed large turbot shared by the four of us with potatoes and salad - all washed down with a couple of jugs of vino de taverna.
Early in the morning we set off to the local supermarket stocking up with fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish and cakes!  250 Euros later we think we had more than enough for our estimated 650 nm passage to Gran Canarias.
Safety briefing followed and then we were ready to depart. Checked out of the excellent marina (with a World Cruising association discount - thank you....) and at 15.00hrs set off out of the Rio Arade and into the Atlantic. 
Motored into the late afternoon - evening and night. Watches were set as 4hrs on/off. We crossed the shipping lanes coming out of Gibraltar at midnight.
We are a happy and organised ship currently 150 nm due south of Portimao and motoring at 1800rpm at 7.2knts. We are waiting for the promised NE breeze to set in over the next 24hrs or so - then we hope to sail...
Best to All
Gwenhyfar and her Crew