We arrived in Gran Canaria at 3.30 am on Monday

Good Company
Richard and Janet
Fri 12 Sep 2014 17:24
We arrived in our marina of choice, Puerto de Pasito Blanco N27:44.008 W15:37 027W  in the early hours of Monday morning. It took us 66 hours to do 324 miles and we did some good sailing. The wind died on the last day and we motored quite a lot but all in all it was a very good trip. We caught three dorado and had a scrumptious meal on Sunday afternoon.

We had a surprise when we arrived as we had to tie up at the fuel jetty on a sinking tide and poor Richard and Kev still had to sit on watch until 8 am to release the lines as the water dropped! However, they survived and we then discovered that we had arrived on a public holiday and the office was closed. The staff on duty were great and found us a berth and we got settled. We are berthed stern-to, a new experience for us and have had to make some pulleys to get the boat closer to the berth when we get off and on.... Brighton folk, enjoy the fingers!

We shall add more photos and further updates soon....

Photo of our dorado, ready to eat!

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