Update on the adventures of the Good Company crew

Good Company
Richard and Janet
Sun 3 Aug 2014 02:28
Hi everyone,

The crew of Good Company are doing well, their current position is 45. 00. 727. N 009. 54. 593. W.  This is Stephen, Janet and Richard's (Butch) son. Their redbox, the thing that is supposed to enable them to update the blog isn't working as it is supposed to, so they have asked me to keep teh blog up to speed with their position and happenings.
After beating into the wind for a few days and a pending forecast of more wind on the nose, they have decided to head to Madeira, Portugal, and skip stopping in at The Azores. The boat has performed admirably considering the conditions and when they last made contact this morning they were running along nicely with the wind off the stern quarter.
So far they have landed two bigeye tuna, so the fishing is satisfactory, and besides their issues with the blog/email they are all doing very well.

I'll send another update in approximately 48 hours when they touch base again via the satellite phone.