Becalmed, a minor engine repair, and a shark!

Good Company
Richard and Janet
Wed 6 Aug 2014 13:27
Current position "40:34.00N 10:53.29W"

Stephen here:

Things are going well with Good Company, they are still in VERY light winds, so are motoring for a few hours to try and get away from the light air system.
Richard got in the water to do a repair to an engine seal that was letting a little water into the boat when the engine was running, he was successful and it lo longer leaks. A few hours after he got out of the water they were paid a brief visit by a shark of some kind... exciting stuff!

They still have plenty of fresh water, despite the lack of rain, and everyone seems to be enjoying the adventure!

As usual, we await their next 48 hour update. They are still about 5 days from Madeira due to the very light winds.