Day 20

Wayward Adventure
Tue 7 Apr 2009 04:29
08:58.409s 137:20.324w
Tomorrow we make landfall and man are we ready.  We had a last minute change of plans and decided we are going to go to Hiva Oa instead of Fatu Hiva.  The distance is the same but we thought instead of having to put the hook down for a couple days and then having to leave Fatu Hiva to go check in with customs in Hiva Oa, why not check in first and relax for as long as we wanted then check out Fatu Hiva later.  The only reason to do it the other way is that we thought it would be impressive to make landfall in such a striking place like FH.  At this point who cares, Newark, New Jersey would seem beautiful to us right now.  So one more night and we can say goodbye to the hardest part of our long South Pacific voyage.  I would do it again but Lauren assures me she will be flying in to meet me on the other side.  I can't say enough for her perserverence, she was uncomfortable from day 1 and faithfully did her watches without complaint.  Actually now that I think about it she hasn't talked to me at all for the last 2 and a half weeks.  We really are doing great despite my exaggeration and tomorrow.......we rest.