7th August

Fri 8 Aug 2014 00:47
60 38.3 N 64 40.8 W
We have come over to the seabird colonies of the Button Islands. The anchor was raised at 8 this morning and just as we were leaving last nights anchorage Trish spotted a polar bear on the low cliffs near us; who had perhaps been attracted by the noise we were making. We passed within 30 yards of him and he wasn't bothered by our approach. Some great photos despite it being a little misty. The weather crossing Hudson strait was calm ( to little wind is definitely more common than too much in these latitudes it appears) and we crossed the strong tidal flows found in the area without any problem. The sun came out as we approached the Buttons and again the cameras were out shooting the seals as well as the birds feeding and nesting. We are celebrating the crossing of Davis strait from Greenland tonight (now renamed David's strait!) with roast lamb, vegetables and fresh baked bread, the hard tack on board still isn't too bad!