15th August

Sun 17 Aug 2014 21:40
58 27.22 N 62 47.57 W
We have spent the day at the Torngat Park base camp where the good news was there was showers (our first warm one since the 25th of July !!)we could buy some fuel and could eat in their mess hall; the bad was there was a group of students staying there and the chocolate had all been bought! Actually we still have plenty of treats on board but chocolate itself is running a little low though the subject of cannibalism has faded at the moment. Anyway we had an excellent visit and as the students (teenage Inuit)were leaving the next day they put on a cultural show of dance and song that they had learnt from the elders of the Inuit who live in the camp or were invited in to teach during their visit. It was well done and we loved the enthusiasm of all concerned. There was throat singing(hard to explain and we imagine harder to do!) and traditional drumming as well as story telling of the lives and experiences of the elders. What we hadn't realised is that with the influence of the whalers
in the 18th and 19th century, many from Scotland, the Inuit have come to love Scottish dancing and that is also now part of their culture, so there was some of that as well! We saw a black bear on the beach in the distance as we went back to the yacht at the end of the show which was a lovely end to the day.