6th Aug

Wed 6 Aug 2014 23:03
61 19.89 N 64 48.50 W
Well the wind let us down as there has been none for 3 days so we have motored all the way. It has rather eaten into the diesel supply and the next filling station is a couple of weeks away so we have come directly to Resolution island on the southern tip of Baffin island rather than come here via Baffin itself as it saves a few miles. We passed close to Frobisher bay and have Hudson Strait to our south. I am reading their stories at present and it is amazing to be in the areas they explored. We have radar and electronic charts, weather reports and GPS and in the fog we had today we were grateful for all of them and in awe of those brave men who had nothing. We have turned on the heater as its cold and the lunch is on to further warm us. Tom and Nancy have just done the reverse circle dance on the foredeck to appease Neptune for leaving the arctic circle behind, Trish is on high alert for polar bears and I have just realised that at 64 degrees west we are on the same longitude as the
BVI; if a few degrees further north! Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you are up to.