Wednesday 4 may 32:08.23N 55:53.28W

Wed 4 May 2011 12:05

All is well here onboard Siri Ros.  The weather and sea has calmed down and we have winds around 18-20 kn.

We are making steady progress with a slight deviation a few degrees to the south to try to get around the low pressure system that is just ahead of us.

We had a nice warm sunny day yesterday. It is still morning here but the weather looks promising for today as well.

We have divided the crew into 3 teams; Anya and I, Carl and Gen and Giancarlo and Anton, each team is responsible for preparing that days meal and keeping the gully tidy and watch keeping.  

Anya and I was on cooking duty yesterday and we prepared a tuna salad lunch, fruit salad and a evening meal based on the tinned hotdogs we have onboard (hot dog stroganoff) not brilliant - but just about edible.We also had a major overhaul of the vegetables as water got into the potatoes and cabbages.  Genevieve cleaned dried all the items and they are now safely stored elsewhere.  It’s very easy to destroy the provisions if they get in contact with water and damp, and that’s rather easy on a boat.


Today is Genevieve and Carl’s turn to provide the rest of the crew with culinary delights.


Liz – Skipper Siri Ros