Siri Ros Map location 14:04.19N 60:57.8W

Thu 7 Apr 2011 08:03
Lutz and I are flying to St Lucia tomorrow morning.  We will be making the final preparations for the cruise back to Europe via Bermuda and the Azores.  Siri Ros is in the boatyard in Rodney Bay, the plan is to launch her on Saturday the 9th. The crew;  Carl, Genevieve, David and Leo will be joining us in St Lucia.  There will be some crew changes in Antigua, St Martin and Bermuda, as some members are not able to be away from home for so long.
I and the crew will write this blog to keep you informed of life onboard Siri Ros.  You can follow our progress as we slowly make our way  up to Bermuda and across the Atlantic, the final destination is Oerias Marina in Lisbon, Portugal  ETA 24th May.
Liz â Skipper Siri Ros