15:34.92N 61:27.78W

Thu 14 Apr 2011 22:11

So, Captain Liz has given me, Dave the Canadian, the important task of providing an update to the masses out there in the world-wide web that are following our progress with rapt attention.

First for those that may be familiar with my ARC trip the good ship Siri Ros is no Coyote. Last night we dined off of proper fine Wedgewood China with official Oyster insignia and gold foil trim. We had candles burning. Fine wine, and dessert. Not a dog food bowl in sight. And we even got to sit at the table. I was responsible for the music. The music was, if I do say, pretty fine and the only small hiccup was the Leo, my bunk mate in the forepeak got a bit concerned with all of the romantic tunes I was playing. I said fine and switched from Diana Krall to Led Zepplin. The certainly killed the mood.

First it is important to note that we have in large measure become a Rasta boat. Although it is a bit hard to tell, I am growing my hair out and it is time for me to get some dreads. As well,  the most important thing is that we are chilling hard. Real hard. However, I have decided that chilling hard is surprisingly pretty hard work. Today for example it required me to sit in the cockpit and watch the dawn evolve and decide if I have my usual 4 cups of coffee or just three. Next I had to decide whether to have a bagel or perhaps toast. Who would have thought at that chilling hard is this hard.

After we all faced our own personal struggles, for example-Earl Grey v. Orange Peko, Peanut Butter or Nuttella,   we decided to swim. Then after our swim and despite wanting to chill hard Pancho the Rasta boat-man came by and suggested we snorkel at the bubbles. Apparently the volcanic activity causes some sort of emission of underwater gas. The prospect of underwater gas was altogether too tempting, so after some chilling hard negotiations we settled on a price for Poncho to take us to the bubbles with an official guide. We snorkelled and saw an old wreck with cannons. Or so the Pancho said. I personally thought it might have been discarded sewer pipe but hey what do I know.

After we were delivered back to the good ship Siri Ros, by Pancho we adjourned chilling hard in favour of lunch, naps and a bit of boat maintenance.

We are currently anchored in a nice bay on the North End of Dominica, having motored up from our moorage last night. We just ended a lively debate regarding whether poutine (a classic French Canadian dish) should be allowed to stray from its cultural roots of French fries (chips), Cheese Curds, and Gravy to allow things like tomato sauce. Gen, a Quebecois clearly came down on the side of cultural purity. The rest of us were open to an evolving poutine. We may have a referendum.

We are going to have dinner and then cast off for points north. We have about 100 miles to sail tonight on our way to Antigua. Always a stand-up guy I have offered to take the 8-10 p.m. watch and then again the 8-10 a.m. watch. I think that is best. I won’t get the start times mixed up – just remember the 8 and I figure I will be just fine. 

The newly-weds are cooking us dinner. Despite my direct and skilled questioning (I am a trained professional in cross examining people) I have yet to get a straight answer as to what they are dishing up. So, Rasta surprise, maybe are having chilling chilli.


So as may be self evident, all is right on the good ship Siri Ros. With 8 language, a gaggle of nationalities, we are a floating example of the inherent goodness of sailors everywhere. So, wishing you good chilling...