18:04.45N 63:05.56W

Wed 20 Apr 2011 23:53

21 April St Martin, Marigot Bay


We (Genevieve, Carl, Leo, Giancarol and Liz) anchored in a little bay in St Kitts last night after a very nice day sailing. We encountered several hump back whales and a sea turtle on the way. Carl and Genevieve cooked a lovely dinner and we dined onboard in the warm evening with a background of the Caribbean sunset and the lights of St Kitts.


Today was another lovely sunny and warm day. We left St Kitts and set sail for St Martin passing St Saba, St Eustatius and the Coco Islands. Just as we arrived in Marigot Bay the man in the marina office finished  work and went home to “chill” so we must wait until tomorrow to get into a berth, we are now anchored just outside the marina.  Leo and I are cooking dinner; backed vegetables with some peculiar looking ham that Leo decided must be cooked (or thrown out as it starting to change into a non-ham-looking colour, still smells ok though).  Giancarlo tried his luck (or not) at fishing after consulting his “how to catch a fish” in Italian book.  It described how to attach the lure to the line and the good news is that we still have the line and fittings all intact.  The whales that passed by on our starboard side did not even glance at the attractive newly purchased squid looking appetiser.


Genevieve is playing her French oldies and we are just about to eat.


All the best from the crew on Siri Ros