32:43.37N 61:23.85W

Mon 2 May 2011 16:22

Bermuda to the Azores  - 2nd May

 We have left Bermuda and are heading east towards Europe and will hopefully find the Azores on the way. The weather is somewhat tricky as there are numerous low pressure systems in the Atlantic obstructing the intended route.  After consulting downloaded weather files and with the help of Commanders Weather, a yachtsman’s weather assistance service provider, we abandoned the original idea of heading north and are now heading due east.

Carl-Anton, called “Anton” onboard as we already have a Carl, joined the crew in Bermuda.  Anton is from Aland the island between Sweden and Finland and speaks Swedish.  Anya from the USA also joined the crew whilst in Bermuda.

We spend the past 3 days in Captain Smokes Marina in St Georges Harbor.  Captain smokes is a very small family run marina business and provided affordable mooring.  Bermuda is beautiful with its picture card pastel colored houses, bays and stunning landscape the locals are very friendly and polite. However it is expensive; $6 for a beer, $6 for an ordinary pre-packed loaf of bread we spent $28 on a piece of cheese.

We are settling into life on board, it always takes a couple of days for the new crew to get their sea legs and adapt to the way Siri Ros is managed.  Each crew is briefed on general as well as safety issues before we leave and the MOB (Man Over Board) drill is a must before we head out to sea. 

Last night was rough with high wind (up to 30kn) and waves, we sailed fully reefed (3 reefs).  The motion and rolling of the boat made this first night at sea not very pleasant for any of us however we did make good progress; 160 miles.

We have identified the very peculiar looking floating objects that we originally thought were discarded plastic bottles, as Portuguese Man of War a jelly fish. We are not going to try to catch any of them.

All crew are safe and a few are feeling the effects of the sea.


Liz – skipper Siri Ros