30:20.02N 64:18.07W

Wed 27 Apr 2011 15:24

We can now feel the change in temperature as we are heading north leaving behind the Caribbean and approaching Bermuda.  The sea is calm and we are cruising along at 6-7 knots in light airs.  This is quite a contrast to a couple of days ago when we encountered a low pressure system not presented on the weather chart.  The seas were rough with winds between 25-30 knots gusting 35 knots with all three reefs and an almost completely furled Genoa we were hammering along at 8-9 knots.  The rolling sea made the motion very uncomfortable, thus I did not feel like sitting by the chart table writing blogs.

All crew have been taken turns in hand steering to manage the waves and to increase the speed., we have been making very good progress but very light winds are expected so we may need to use the motor for the last part of the passage.

Giancarlo have kept us feed with tortellini’s and parmesan that he brought with him from Italy.  I manage to create the meal from hell last night when my enthusiasm for cooking somewhat ran dry trying to create some concoction  with Caribbean local root vegetables, a glass of French red wine and a fresh pineapple saved the day. 

Life on board is as always filled with odd jobs that need doing as the motion of the boat creates a strain on all parts;  rigging needs checking and adjusting,  ropes needs to be checked and readjusted, dingy needs to be re-tied, heads need cleaning, vegetables  must be inspected and checked so they don’t go off and the list goes on.

I had a surprise visitor last night as I was helming in the pitch dark, no stars as we were passing under a big squall cloud, a rather large flying fish came hurtling from the bow and smacked me in the head, he did not survive, but I did.  The fish was almost large enough for one small meal, but no one fancied fish for breakfast.

We have had a vivid repertoire of music on the stereo and we are all singing along to “starry starry night”  from Don McLean's ''Vincent'' in various dialects and languages, it’s amazing how music travel’s.


We are all well.