19:58.14N 63:09.26W

Sun 24 Apr 2011 12:54



We are at sea on our way to Bermuda, it is sunny and warm, We have an easterly wind which is ideal for our destination.

The crew is settling down to life onboard with the routine night watches,  cooking routines etc.

Gen and I “the girls” did the routine oil & filter change before we left harbour in Antigua a rather messy but doable job.  Gen is very good with a spanner in her hand.  We left St Martin on Friday evening and motored through the night as there was no wind.  I noticed a slight change in the running of the engine this increased during the next few hours and the symptoms pointed to the supply of diesel. The oil pre-filter was checked and was ok with no water present.  Gen and I proceeded to change the diesel filter on the engine.  This task is a little bit more tricky as air gets into the system and must be eliminated before the engine will start again.  The mission was accomplished after a few hours crawling around in the engine with diesel up to our elbows. At the first attempted to start the engine the starter motor was turning, but not firing.  We checked all the air nuts and after a while we tried starting again... hey presto this time she fired up and is now running like a kitten again. We depend on the engine for charging the engine and getting us in and out of harbours as well as taking us forward when there is no wind.

We are now sailing and doing about 7 -7.5 kn.

Happy Easter to you all