13 May 36:09.84N 33:32.34W

Fri 13 May 2011 11:03

We are sailing again as the wind has picked up and blowing directly from the direction that we want to go – the wind is on the nose.   The sea is building and we are making slow progress ploughing through the waves.  We are not able to head directly towards our destination which is Horta,  but are forced further north, we will eventually need to tack.


We had an encounter with a sailing ship on Thursday night.  We were motoring and Genevieve and Carl were on watch as we approached a sailing vessel on our starboard beam–the structure was completely dark except the starboard navigation lights.  Genevieve woke me up at 0400 to ask me for assistance as she was confused and concerned by the vessels silent approach.  I used the VHF radio and called the vessel and asked them to identify themselves.  To the delight of Genevieve and Carl, the vessel was a sailing ship that they both had crewed on in the past for several months; .the “Tres Hombres” destined for Belgium.   The tall ship has no engine and was drifting in all sorts of directions as there was no wind. Once on the radio, Genevieve and Carl took the opportunity to chat to their fellow crew friends – it’s a small world.


We chucked the last of the bread in the sea, as it was too green to eat. Anton had a go at baking some new bread using a ready mix – disaster – brick like object.   Genevieve made some white rolls that saved the day.


We are all well.