10 may 33:59.90N 38:31.02W

Wed 11 May 2011 11:12

Tuesday eventing:

We are now cutter rigged: the Genoa is flying and so is the staysail.  The two foresails are working well and we are racing ahead at 6.4 knots with 11 knots wind speed; I guess racing is an overstatement, however we are moving forward in the right direction heading towards Sao Miguel.   The winds are very light and we don’t expect much of a change for the next few days.  We are all enjoying a peaceful day after finally sorting out the sails.  Genevieve and Carl have done a fantastic professional repair and the sail does no longer require the attention of a sail maker when we arrive.


Giancarlo has been a little bit unfortunate with leaving the fore hatch open for a bit of fresh air; yesterday was the 3rd time he got his cabin soaked.  The sea is unpredictable and one minute we are bopping along with not much ado and then a wave decides to soak the foredeck, and Giancarlo’s bunk.


Our fishing is not doing as well as we hoped; we have not caught anything at all.  We are trailing lines and lure but not one single fish has taken up the offer.  We have had the pleasure of large pods of dolphins swimming and jumping at the bow of the boat.  Giancarlo is whistling and singing to them and they come right up.  The crew have taken a lot of pictures of these lovely mammals.


Genevieve and Carl cooked a very nice chickpea curry with rice for dinner.  We are now resting watching the sunset and reading.


We are all very well.