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the seren oddessy
steve and dee
Thu 27 Aug 2009 18:24
Its widely reported that James A Michner once said that Bora Bora is the most beautiful lagoon in the world.
What is not said is that James A Michner is a yank, he flew in, and it was a very long time ago. I mention the fact that he is a yank because it gives an impression of how many lagoons he may have seen for comparison. Our seppo cousins are not the worlds greatest travelers. For example. The American oceanographic mob have 31 chart folios that covers the globe. the first 30 include American Samoa as a folio. Florida straights as a folio etc etc. The last folio is simply labeled R.O.W (rest of world)

Today Bora Bora lagoon is still stunning. The land is not. There is a massive scar down the side of one of the hills. Its purpose is to build on. They has simply carved the hillside for a new resort of some sort.

We have picked up a mooring at the yacht club, Its 30m deep so anchoring would be hard. Had a great swim, The water is warm and crystal clear. Our mates off the yacht Valiem bought over a welcome baguette and came over last night with some fresh tuna they caught(we do not discuss our lack of fish on the last leg)So we had some sushi and a few drinks.
The yacht club is very swish. lots of lights in the water, froggies doing the kissy kissy in expensive clothes. And a price tag to suit. Not surprisingly there are no yachties in the yacht club. There is a nice megayacht anchored here. lots of jet skis and water skiers. water taxis. A bit of a shock after Nuku Hiva.

We will not be staying in bora bora long as we plan to head to surarow. It is a lot quieter there.