when good bananas go bad.

the seren oddessy
steve and dee
Fri 16 Oct 2009 01:17
We all think of bannanas as being sweet, tasty fruit, imbued with a certain cheerfulness that comes from being both sweet, and bright yellow.
However little is know about the process of the humble nana as it enteres the dark side and indeed when it is in large groups.
On watch last night I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I turned to find no-one there but a small inoccuous bannana with a few spots lying on the seat. I thought nothing of it and proceeded to eat it. It was turning brown in a few spots so i ate around them and tossed the peel to the sea.
A few mintutes later another dropped onto me. Now as it was blowing a gale and the whole stalk was hanging in the cockpit I assumed that they were simply too ripe and the rough weather was shaking them loose. That was untill I heard the voices.... My doctor said I shouldnt listen to voices but they kept at me. They knew my name. "Steve....Steve. Have you eaten your quota of nanas today Steve?"
I sat as still as i could not quite knowing what to do. After a while as the seas got rougher the voices stopped. Maybe bananas get sea sick?
Anyway a particularly large swept under our keel and I was assulted by a pack of bannanas in full group mentality. Their ringleader was obvious to see as he had already turned and was now a squishy mess on the cockpit floor. With hurculean might I stripped off the few remaining nanas that hadnt turned to the dark side and hurled the evil stalk to davy jones locker. Dee came on deck and together we quickly broke up the other stalk into hands to prevent another mob scene.
So let that be a lesson to us all. Keep your nanas separate to prevent them spoiling. Eat your quota. or risk another Alfred hitchcock movie "The Nanas"

We have survived the now three days of rough weather(we crossed the dateline) and we are now almost into port in Fiji(its over 120nm from the first reef) still 40nm to go to a cold beer and a good sleep.
chat later.