Day 15

Tue 9 Dec 2014 13:37
The bananas finally crawled to the edge and threw themselves's probably for the best, the alternative to bananacide was a gooey pulpit.
A bit muggy today but high temperatures (sorry, stormy Britain) lots of weed about in clumps which I am informed hail from the Sargasso sea not that far to the south.
Not much to report this lunchtime, we are on the home stretch now, after days of not picking up any boats for company on radar they are starting to converge on a similar course to us.
Less than 700 miles to go, a good wind and 2000 feet of water under our hulls, I don't think we are going to run aground today.
Regrets, I've had a few, but then again..well, I regret buying apples, oranges and bloody bananas in industrial quantities. I regret not putting the lid on my ridiculously expensive shower gel which all leaked away on day two. I regret having to share a cabin with 'Spooner' Rigby ( only kidding John) I want chips. But that's about it, it has been a fantastic experience so far.
Attempted bread making again today. If Conroy can consistently produce a masterpiece surely it's not that difficult. Disaster, another Bailey failure. In my defence the scales won't work in rough seas m'lud. Had to eat humble pie (I wasn't going to eat the dogs dinner in the bread machine) and get a's hoping the new one I have put in comes out...