Day 16

Wed 10 Dec 2014 13:19
Squally in the night, we and to put the main sail down quickly in a
black moonless night. The main is always reluctant to drop and the
winches have to work really hard when rising or lowering it, a job for
the riggers when we get there. it's a difficult operation at night
requiring being clipped on in bucking seas but all went smoothly enough.
More electrical problems with the generator, but Simon's touch got it
going again. You realize how much we rely on electricity when you don't
have it.
I have just realized over the past few days it's been,'Simon did this'
or 'Simon did that'.. Truth is ' Simon's done not very much' we had to
draw him a map up to the helm as it is that long since he has steered
the boat. He has watched a lot of the recent blockbusters in his cabin,
or at least we think that's what he is doing in there. On hearing this
honest truth I have been asked to leave the boat NOW! ( my position is
16degrees north,51west)..send help.
Success with the bread maker! I managed to produce something akin to the
master bakers effort and rewarded myself with a great bacon butty.
Thirty two degrees today and humid, too hot to sit out for long even
with the breeze. I can feel your tears of sympathy coming all across the ocean.