Day 18

Fri 12 Dec 2014 23:09
2.30am, beautiful starry evening making good progress when up pops a tanker on our AIS screen, which identifies any vessels within 15 miles or so of us. I spent a nervous half hour watching him bear down on us at 19 knots with the computer calculating he would miss us by either 50 meters or up to a mile. He was bound for Singapore, I was bound for the loo if he got any closer. it ended up changing course slightly and passed behind us about half a mile off our starboard bow. Container ships are massive at such close quarters and the thoughts go through your head is the guy on watch actually watching, as if he hit us he probably wouldn't even feel the bump.
Another lovely day, steel drums on the iPod to get us in the mood for what will surely be a Saturday morning arrival. We have coaxed our 30 ton floating home through all kinds of conditions, and although she doesn't like the light winds so much, I think she can now sense the end is near.
Crew in good spirits, 240 miles to go, looking forward to the first of many rum punches.f