Day 14

Mon 8 Dec 2014 02:43
One of our engines would not start today. A quick belt on the starting motor with a hammer and it turned over purring like a Bentley.
In hindsight, our decision to go for downwind through the night was a mistake and we lost quite a bit of headway as the wind shifted. We are doing better now we are back on a broad reach.
The dolphins returned today, a pod of about a dozen, always a delight to watch. We see hundreds of flying fish every day, some really impressive flyers, bouncing off the wave tops for extra distance. Some of the smaller ones with less aviation experience only make it a few yards before gravity pushes them down with an inglorious plop, while the 'top guns' can make a hundred yards or so,fishy wings shimmering blue in the sun.
Two weeks now without sight of land. Life outside our little community of five seems a long time ago. Every two days Greg will put In a twelve hour watch to give us a break from snatching the couple of hours of sleep we manage after our four hour rolling watches. There is always someone asleep every hour of every day except on 'day off'. There has been talk of forming a union for better working conditions, but fear of the cruel masters means no one will volunteer as shop steward.
Time for dinner, will be checking the ships biscuits for weavels.