Guest Post Luciano

Mon 8 Dec 2014 02:46
Hi There. My name is Luciano, I am Brazilian, 40 yo, married with 3 children. I was forced to write a couple of lines by Simon, otherwise, I would not receive my daily food and water portion, and the worse, wouldn’t be allowed to get out of my cage to see the sun light… just kidding.. I am having a great time in this wonderful and comfortable boat. However, I have to tell you that at the begging I was a kind of scared as seas were rough, seasick, crew stressed and working timetable (the famous Night Watch!!). However, over the time, things were settled and I’m enjoying pretty much… but the question is (my wife also wants to know), why am I here? To answer it, just came up 3 words in my mind: Learn, challenge and experience. I have some previous experience in sailing, but nothing compared to what I am living in the last weeks… therefore, the learning piece is pretty much accomplished. That said, if there is one thing that I appreciate in life is to embrace new challenges, especially if they are out of my comfort zone. I wold say that Sailing across the Atlantic, definitely corresponds very well for my challenge expectation. Last, but not least, to have this experience. I can answer it with a question: why not? Life is short and the world is too big… the sooner we experience new things and live our lives, the better. I am sure I will cross Ripples2 somewhere soon sailing my own boat with my family…